Development 2014

 Number of projectsGrant in $
Program typeEnglishFrenchTotalEnglishFrenchTotal
TV Development Online12517$1,006,880
OnLine to OnTV303$28,000
Detail: Development Program 2014
In 2014, over $1.7M was allocated to support the early development of 9 interactive digital media projects, and the development of 17 TV concepts to be tested with audiences online and 3 OnLine to OnTV adaptations. In October 2012 the Bell Fund introduced the TV Development Online Digital Pilot program to encourage the testing of content directly with audiences to inform creative development and audience engagement for eventual broadcast. February 2014 was the first deadline for the new OnLine to OnTV program which provides support for adapting successful digital media project for television.

Development 1997-2014

 Number of projectsGrant in $
Program typeEnglishFrenchTotalEnglishFrenchTotal
Detail: Development Program 2001-2014
Since the inception of the Development Program in 2001, 284 digital media projects have been awarded grants totaling over $11.7M. These totals also include the TV Development Online program launched October 2012 and OnLine to OnTV launched February 2014. The Development Program funding includes the interest generated by the BCE/CTV Benefits endowment.