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The Bell Fund encourages and funds the creation and development
of excellent Canadian digital/TV multi-platform projects.

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The Bell Fund supports the production of interactive digital media extensions of Canadian television programs.

Performance Accelerator

To reward and foster successful digital media projects that are tied to a Canadian television program.

Production - Low Budget

Low Budget Productions are defined as digital media budgets of $100,000 or less.

TV Development Online

This innovative program supports the development of potential new television programming by supporting the production of content produced for online audience testing in order to inform future broadcast content.

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OnLine to OnTV

This Program is designed to maximize the opportunities for existing digital media projects (such as web series, games, e-books) to be adapted for the broadcast platform.


Funding for the development of digital media projects associated with a TV program or series.

Professional Development

Professional development grants are provided to non-profit industry organizations to support research and enhance training and professional development opportunities for cross-platform professional development activities.


Legacy projects are defined as digital media extensions for successful Canadian television projects that have received at least one broadcast licence renewal and did not previously have any digital media extensions.

There were no Legacy projects funded in 2014.